As Provender markets continue to develop, it is increasingly important to ensure our customer relationship management (CRM) techniques are as efficient and effective as possible.

Currently a variety of methods are used to manage client relations. Pipedrive is used to track sales and important correspondence with clients. Intercom, a CRM tool, is currently being used to send weekly newsletters and respond to chat pop-ups with clients on the platform. These formal tools are used with varying degrees of consistency and success across markets. Other CRM methods vary from one team member to the next and include phone calls, in person visits, and emails to clients as the need arises. Although this system has functioned more or less successfully in the past, this system could become less effective and efficient in the future as Provender continues to grow leading to potential short-term and long-term drawbacks.

How can we limit these future setbacks by instituting more standardized CRM procedures?



  • Client refers to both Provender buyers and sellers


  • To institute more efficient and consistent CRM practices

The Solutions

  1. Streak: a gmail extension to house non-automated email templates and better track and organization email follow up
  2. Automate emails using Intercom
  3. Document emails we would like to automate in the future

What's New


Streak as a tool to better track emails:

Streak is a gmail integration that allows users to have a mini-CRM tool in their inbox.

Pipelines similar to gmail folders are created to track and follow up with emails. By sharing these pipelines between team members, new and active clients can better be tracked by the everyone.

By creating a “box” for each client their progress can be tracked right in gmail. Other features include the ability to assign an account to another team member, creating reminders, and tracing whether or not any emails sent have been opened. Allowing for better follow up, traceability, and transparency.

Creating and storing email templates with Streak:

Email templates allow us as a team to store and send common emails quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, this allows new employees, interns, and non-native speakers of French or English to send the appropriate emails instantly. In streak these templates are called “snippets” and are easily at your fingertips when composing an email.


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