Provender is a community dedicated to making a better food system through technology.

Our online marketplace unites entrepreneurs from all over our food system- from farmers, to fisherman, to chefs, to grocers- together in a platform that makes the business of local food better.


Our three guiding principles are:



We believe that trust and traceability are key to building strong and resilient food systems, and Provender is built to create rich and engaging relationships on a platform, with this goal in mind.

We believe that knowing where your food comes from is the most important criteria for deliciousness; and that technology is the best possible way to assure that the food we eat is clean, traceable and as local as possible.




We believe that, in the words of Dan Barber,  "What breaks the juggernaut of the industrial food chain is diversity."

Diversity of what we grow and what we eat is the secret to creating a better food system.  At Provender, we work right from seed and breed to create a more diverse and delicious food system.


We believe that food is the ultimate tool for building community, and that the connections between supply and demand that grow on Provender are the building blocks of healthy food systems.  At Provender we empower food entrepreneurs by giving them tools that nurture community.