Provender was founded in April 2013 by Caithrin Rintoul, Jeff Aldrich and Kyra Kristof.  We launched out of private beta in 2014. 


We work with hundreds of buyers, from burger joints to universities, from food trucks to fine dining restaurants.


We work with hundreds of farms, from a quarter acre to the largest greenhouse operation in North America.


We have over ten thousand unique local products in the marketplace.


We have helped famers, fisherman and foragers sell millions of dollars of fresh food.


Provender has active markets in Quebec and Ontario. Launching New England and other states soon.


Provender is a team of 20 food passionate individuals.



Why changing the food system is important.

The average age of a farmer in North America is 58 years and 4 months old.

The average farm in North America lost money in 2012; 2,800 dollars to be exact.  

There are more prisoners in the United States than people who claim farming as their primary income.