Prospective Sellers

+ Can I set minimum quantities? How do I make sure this delivery will be profitable?

We see producers succeed all the time on Provender without any minumums - it's our job to help you find as much business as you can get to make sure your truck is full coming into town - afterwards, we ask you to respect the order sizes that are placed on the system. Our chefs know that no matter what size of farm you are, if they like one product, they will likely like them all. The pattern shows that farms who will deliver small orders grow 300% faster on Provender than those who don't! That said, if you cannot deliver for under a certain amount for logistical reasons, just let us know- we'll help out.

Checkout to work out your delivery costs!

+ I cannot deliver every week but rather every 3 weeks, is that possible?

Yes - you can use the "inventory schedule" tool to create weeks with available product, and weeks without available product. Its quick and easy and will help you out a ton.

+ Do I have to deliver and where?

Your call! When we get you set up on Provender, you'll have a whole lot of choices for getting from farm to fork - just let us know what system you want to work with on that trip, and we'll make sure to help you find a solution that meets your farms need.

+ Do I have to add my products myself?

Yup! We encourage all of our farmers to upload their products - but we have plenty of tools and support to help you get there. The best thing we can do to make the product upload process go smoothly is to get the info of how you bill today, your seed order for the year, or your old invoice books- that will help us set you up quickly and easily on Provender.

+ Why would I give you 10%?

Provender is a community of growers and buyers - we believe that together, unified by a great piece of technology, everyone benefits. The advantages in working with us are simple - its fast - er, more direct, clearer, and easier. You can sell your farm's inventory in minutes, and control every aspect of your business, including price. We think that our platform is worth it, and we have hundreds of successful farmers who think so, too. We'd love to hear your comments on the fee anytime, but if you're considering signing up to Provender and you don't think we'll make you back that small amount of money we ask for, we'd be happy to connect you with a farmer who has seen his business grow on Provender, so you can hear it yourself!

+ How and when will you pay me?

Our vendors are paid by direct deposit- we'll request a copy of a blank cheque from you upon signup, and we wire funds directly to your bank account.

Provender pays in 14 days upon reception of your invoice, although our terms and conditions list 21 days as our payment cycle in case incidentals arise.

Prospective Buyers

+ What is Provender?

Provender is an online marketplace connecting kitchens with food producers. On Provender, you will find fresh, local foods ready to be harvested from nearby farms, and an easy way of connecting to those farmers to harvest for you. Our farmers deliver right to your door.

+ Why buy locally?

Great ingredients make all the difference, and Provender is your source for better raw materials.

Sourcing from local farms on Provender means our farmers don’t harvest until you order. Our products are impeccably fresh, local, and in line with the rhythms of the seasons. We let you browse fields, not fridges, and we help you find a team of farmers to supply your restaurant. Our marketplace will also give you access to the true diversity of products available from local farmers, not the limited range of goods typically available from distributors – instead of three types of tomatoes, we give you thirty.

Most food you buy from wholesalers travels 1500km in order to reach your kitchen door. Along the way, it loses flavour, more than 65% of its nutritional value, and most importantly- the story of where that food comes from.

Using Provender means you have control over your supplies, so you can procure better raw materials. We’re passionate about connecting farm to fork, and helping our kitchens find the best product on the market.

+ Why buy from Provender instead of my usual supplier?

We believe that fresh, local food is bought from a field, not from a fridge. We help hundreds of cooks and chefs connect their menus to local farms more easily and quickly than ever before.

Going local with Provender doesn’t just mean you will be buying product that is more fresh- we help you build a team of farmers to serve your kitchen, and help you showcase those farmers in your dining room.

Above all, our products are selected with your needs in mind. We believe that the folks delivering to the back door of your business will determine who walks in the front door, and we help you make that leap.

And we do all of this while making sure that your food bills stay low. Provender facilitates direct sales from farms to professional kitchens, which means we cut out the trucks and warehouses that multiply your food costs. We get you superior products at lower prices, even as farmers earn a better living.

+ Is provender free? How do you make money?

Provender is free for buyers on the platform, forever, always. Provender makes money through a commission to farms on their sales, which varies between 0% and 20%, depending on how much support we're offering for logistics (that's the trucks between farm and fork). We also help our farmers decide what to plant in the season, which helps them maximize revenues on their farms. Finally, Provender also helps sellers spot great trends in the market and reduce waste on their farm.

+ Who delivers?

We let our producers decide what path to market is best for them - some farms love coming into see their chefs every week and seeing where their products end up, and some prefer that Provender's network of farmers deliver on their behalf. Additionally, sometimes we will use services who specialize in logistics to help get our products to their end destination, as this helps simplifiy the lives of our farmers. No matter what, Provender never buys and resells our farms product - with Provender, you deal directly with the farmers and you'll always know the people behind your food.

+ Are products organic and Non-GMO?

Any products that a farmer grows that are certified organic are market "organic" in the market-place. We don't have any GMOs for sale on Provender, not because we have a hatred of GMOs, but because we think they are way less delicious than a seed chosen for flavour. On Provender, we're dedicated to the idea of providing buyers with better raw materials- GMOs are not, in our opinion, tastier, which makes the decision easy.

+ Do you have information on farm X?

We sure do! Right now, Provender geeks are hard at work making larger profiles of the producers we work with, but for now you'll find all the info you're looking for with your Provender support person.

+ Is it really no hormone meat? How do you know?

We visit 90% of the farmers we work with, and dive deep into their practices when we first visit them. Our policy at Provender is to ensure that the producers we work with are as transparent about their practices as possible, but we don't certify our producers in any way. Provender does not guarantee that the farms we work with are telling you the truth in every message, but because we build relationships with these farmers over months and years, we have great insight into the ways that our farms work.

+ Can I place orders on the phone?

We take phone orders from customers who order over 500 dollars each week from our Farm-team - if you have a phone number of a Provender support person, that's for you to use. That being said, we think that the marketplace is 100 times better than the phone, because you can discover all the products we have available, and we add products every week!

+ What is your credit and refund policy?

Products on Provender are a step above everything else on the market. We’re harvesting to order, packing perfect product, and getting it into your kitchen in record time.

Every once and a while, we have a product that doesn’t meet those standards- stuff will always fall off the buggy. Our commitment is to replace any product that doesn’t meet your standards in 24 hours, or offer you a full credit.

+ What is the minimum, can I order only 1kg of tomatoes?

If our farmers choose to post inventory in smaller quantities, we'll make sure that this product makes its way to your door. Right now, there are no minimums on Provender, but we ask all of our buyers to respect the work that goes into delivery by choosing a farm they love and ordering their products. We love to see when our buyers and sellers really start to grow their businesses together, so when you find that 1kg of tomatoes you love, try 5 more prodcuts from that farm - we promise it will be a delicious adventure. If you're interested in finding out what products a farm offers, just tap their name into the search box and you'll instantly find their products.

+ Can I access the market to see what products are available?

You can access the market by creating an account on Provender, which takes under 2 minutes and is completely free.

+ What is the delivery time of my order?

We’re picking when you tell us to! Depending on the farm, it could take between 4 hours and 48 hours to get to your door. When you browse on the market, you can see which day the product arrives on, and can plan accordingly. We make sure that whatever the lead time our farmers need, you never have to worry about it.

+ How big is the delivery area for each farm?

We take care of making sure that you only access farms that can deliver to your door. Depending on where you are located, this will mean you will have access to different farmers.

If you have more than one restaurant and really want to share farmers for convenience sake, just drop us an email and we’ll help you make it happen.

Active Sellers

+ I cannot set my delivery zones, why?

Delivery Zones can be created in the "delivery zone" tab in your Provender account. Afterwards, you can attach products to those delivery zones using the "delivery rules" tab in your Provender account. You can set these zones using the tabs above the map of the regions you deliver to, simply and quickly. If you have any trouble with setting up your deliveries, your Provender support person would be thrilled to help!

+ I cannot set my inventory to 0, why?

Inventory in Provender can only sell out to 0, it can never be assigned to 0. We do this so you always know what sold out in the market, as opposed to products that have not yet been activated in the system. If you would like to remove something from the market in Provender, there is an on-off toggle on the far left of the "my products" tab that will disable the inventory.

+ I never know the weight of the meat I will deliver. Will you pay me the exact delivered weight?

We sure will! When you are uploading products that have variable weight, simply check the box in the product creation screen called "catchweight" and we'll notify all buyers that they should expect a variation on final price. If you have a very large variation in weights, we suggest making a second "variant" for the larger size. (to give an example, large Atlantic Halibut, small Atlantic Halibut, so that buyers can have a sense of what they are signing up for). If the products vary wildly in weight, contact your Provender support person to help us find you a solution!

+ I can't deliver this week, what to do?

Give us a call to let us know right away if you cannot fulfill a delivery that has already been ordered, and we'll help find a solution. We give extra points if you can find a friend who can fulfill on your behalf, and we'll even give you credit on the platform if you do!

+ I am going on holiday, should I set my products inactive?

Yes please! You can simply open the "my products" tab, use the top navigation to filter by active products in the market, and tab the "deactivate" tabs. Coming soon, we'll have a vacation option that will be as simple as one click! Additionally, if you would like to start pre-sale on your products for the week you return from vacation, you can use the "inventory planning tool" on every product to remove inventory for the weeks you will be away. That way, you'll be selling products while you are on vacation for the week you'll be back to work.

+ The season is coming to its end and my products are not in the best shape, should I mention that somewhere?

Please do! You can hop into the edit tool on your products and let your buyers know that the prodcuts are starting to look more like #2s than #1s. We encourage you to think about making them a deal on those products too, although pricing remains, as always, up to you.

+ What unit should I set my products?

Depends on how you like to sell them! We encourage you to sell by a weight measurement for most products, as buyers generally feel more safe ordering 10 lbs of something rather than "a bag". Also, keep in mind that you can change these units at any time by adding a new product with a different unit.

+ How can I view my orders?

Provender provides you with a pick list and a delivery list, confirmed by email at both the time of order and also the morning before delivery. We make sure you have all the information you need to get the job done.

+ Can I print my order history?

We work every day to simplify the accounting for our farmers, so that the process of selling to chefs is as streamlined as possible. At any time, you can access your order history online, so you never need to worry about what deliveries you’ve made.

Active Buyers

+ Why is this product I saw recently not here anymore?

Products sell out on Provender all the time! We have a very active marketplace and things go fast. If you wait a day or two, the products will reappear on their next delivery day and you can reorder them again. If you are DESPERATE to get a product you love, just give us a call - we'll help you make sure you get it.

+ How long will this product be available for?

Depends on the farm! Generally speaking, the more delicate a product is, the shorter amount of time it is available. We famously sold a whole harvest of perfect golden raspberries in one 3 hour period, but generally speaking, you can expect to see products for a minimum of 3 weeks. When you get your delivery, feel free to ask about the availabilities, or send us an email or call.

+ Why are some products expensive and very competitive?

Our farms come in all shapes and sizes, and have different growing standards and quality standards. We only take B+ products and up, but depending on the farmer, prices change dramatically. There are some kinds of growing practices (organic fruit, for instance) that just takes a lot of money and time to get right- those expenses are reflected in the price. On Provender, one thing we do love is that the more you pay for a product, the more amazing it will be, guaranteed.

+ Can I be invoiced and pay by cheque?

All our clients start out on credit cards, but as you get up in volume and our farmers see you supporting local agriculture more and more, we can switch you over to invoicing. For new restaurants without credit cards, Provender can help you figure out a great solution; just give us a call.

+ Will I actually receive the quantity of meat I paid for?

You bet! We'll adjust your invoice to meet exactly what you ordered, along with the products that have a little variance in weight. You'll never be charged more that you receive - promise.