What it's like to work at Provender

Farm to Fork 

Provender is a mission driven organization- passion for food systems runs deep on every single member of our team.

We believe that technology is the key to unlocking the next generation of successful food businesses, and that our work as an interface layer for agriculture is the first step in fulfilling that vision.

Careers at Provender, from our Rails engineers to our content creators, start with a shared mission to change food systems for the better.  

Our culture is driven by the values of our users- autonomy, dedication to accomplishing a task, and celebration of milestones with a big feast.  As we evolve as an organization, we're humbled by the diligent work ethic of our community- no one works harder than farmers, but we aspire to meet that goal.

We're hiring for both Canadian and US roles- if you want to wake up every morning and change the food system for the better, get in touch.