Meet Kind Organics

“It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to nourish a city.”

Kind Organics is a community of employees, interns and volunteers dedicated to bringing healthy, organic greens and sprouts to customers in Toronto.

Kind Organics farm is on a small rural property located in Holland Marsh, 40 minutes north of Toronto. Prior to 2009, the land had not been farmed for close to 20 years. Today their products are grown in 9 greenhouses and on 4 to 5 acres of land. Only organic farming techniques are used and they are moving towards more bio-dynamic farming practices.

We spoke with Sandra Dombi about her work bringing fresh, healthy, organic food to the city.

“I love representing Kind Organics, getting to interact with our customers face-to-face and hearing their feedback on our products. Maintaining a strong connection with the people and chefs we serve is very important.”

On fresh food and creativity, Sandra tells us that “many of the chefs we work with make very creative meals inspired by raw ingredients such as our nettle, chickweed, sprout salads and kale blends.”  

The creativity of her customers inspires her to continually diversify her own products.

“I really love being creative with new lettuce and sprout blends. I harvest most of the lettuce and greens and like managing the ever-changing amount and types of greens that need to be harvested each day.”

Kind Organics is fostering strong, reliable relationships with their customers.

“We make sure we meet market demand, fill all orders and create new mixes to respond to the diversity of needs and interests of our customers. We grow for many restaurants year round and do our best to make sure that they always get the fresh products they need.”

Any surplus of their products is donated to local, socially conscious organizations focused on food security, such as The Stop and Second Harvest, providing options for people who might otherwise face barriers to accessing healthy food.

What should you absolutely know about Kind Organics? 

“Not only are we friendly farmers, but we strive to be kind to the planet, to animals and to peoples’ bodies. We follow certified organic farming practices and use primarily vegan-friendly fertilization techniques, resulting in nutrient dense greens for happy, healthy customers. We are a creative bunch, always trying new things and bringing innovative products to market.”

Some of the amazing, nutrient packed products that Kind Organics has to offer include: the Fire Salad Blend, a blend of seasonal spicy greens and radish sprouts; Buckwheat sprouts, adding a light lemony taste to fresh salads; and the Crunchy Bean Mix, a great crunch in raw salad, as well as a delicious nutrient boost in chilli, soup and stir fry.

Interested in ordering Kind Organics products for your culinary creations?