FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Provender awarded the inaugural Freycinet Start-Up Prize - 2014 for a Canadian start-up company with a food, water, or health tech focus.

September 25th, 2014 - Provender is thrilled to announce that we are the honoured recipients of the Freycinet Start-Up Prize - 2014.

   James Appleyard, President and Founder of Freycinet Investments with Caithrin Rintoul, Co Founder and CEO of Provender.

James Appleyard, President and Founder of Freycinet Investments with Caithrin Rintoul, Co Founder and CEO of Provender.

Freycinet Investments supports high-potential, knowledge-based businesses that have the opportunity to lead important social change. Provender is an on-line marketplace, rooted in the local food movement and providing opportunities for chefs, food buyers, farmers and food entrepreneurs. Through our online marketplace, we connect key stakeholders, creating greater access and opportunities within regional food systems.

The Freycinet Start-Up Prize provides the recipient with a private office space in downtown Toronto for 12 months, at no cost to Provender.  In addition, James Appleyard, President and Founder of Freycinet Investments, will play an important mentorship role with Provender by helping to accelerate the company’s growth potential through strategic business planning. As an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor with a desire to combine strong investment outcomes with human progress, Appleyard will play a key leadership role in advancing the mission, vision and values of the food tech startup.   

The support and mentorship associated with the Freycinet Start-Up Prize will help Provender to meet the needs of farms and food entrepreneurs across Ontario. Caithrin Rintoul, CEO of Provender observed, “With the winning submission out of 11 finalists for the inaugural Freycinet Prize, Provender is excited to find a place to grow in the Toronto market.  We are thrilled to be associating with other amazing Toronto startups ventures that are part of the Freycinet family including : PumpUp, WatrHub, Proteocyte Diagnostics, Canopy Labs and Hubba.”

The inaugural Freycinet Start-Up Prize was selected by a distinguished working group that includes: Prof. Evan Fraser, Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security, University of Guelph; Ben Zifkin, CEO of Hubba; Prof. Mark Weber of the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre, University of Waterloo; Ian Hembery, Senior Advisor at Freycinet Investments, and James Appleyard, President and Founder of Freycinet Investments.


Provender is a marketplace where buyers and producers of fresh food come together. Founded in 2013, we use technology to foster relationships that lower barriers to accessing local food, increase access to local markets and create greater autonomy in the food system