The Toronto Provender team is delighted to introduce Aquagreens to the Market!

After a visit to Aquagreens operation center, we are beyond impressed with their impeccable two-man company. Aquagreens is dedicated to providing “the most nutrient rich, locally grown organic greens and tilapia to both grocery stores and restaurants in the city of Toronto” through aquaponics. They share our passion to produce food in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. 

With their aquaponics systems, they use 90% less water then traditional agriculture and grow products in half the time. Products are grown on spatially conscious, vertically stacked beds, plus packaging is 100% recyclable. Could this be the future’s sustainable solution to feeding our ever-growing population?!   

Aquagreen’s pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free products are entirely organic and grown in beds of nutrient rich water. The water is fed by a three-tiered ecosystem derived from the anaerobic by-product of Canadian tilapia, which may also be purchased for consumption once they’ve matured. We were blown away by the efficiency of this sustainable, waste free model. 

But in the end, sustainable farming can't be truly sustainable unless it answers this simple question: does it taste good? The answer here is a resounding yes.  The textures were dense and velvety, the flavours more intense than any other greens we had ever tried.  Even more impressive was that the greens boast a higher vitamin and nutrient content than their traditionally greens grown counterparts!    

Check out Aquagreen’s products on the Provender Market for individual flavour profiles and delivery options.

Community Manager for Provender Toronto