Scout Canning Launch with Chef Charlotte Langley

Chef Charlotte Langley, of Scout Canning, caught the attention of many local chefs, media correspondents and food enthusiasts last Monday with the launch of her new line of high-quality, canned foods with an emphasis on locally sourced products. Provender was thrilled to support Chef Charlotte Langley of Scout Canning with the launch of her innovative new products as one of Toronto’s great food entrepreneurs. The event took place at the Tempered Room on Queen Street in Toronto. 

Charlotte’s vision is to support local farmers and provide healthy, convenient, delicious prepared meals for consumers. Some of the delicious canned goods Scout Canning offers include:  Cold Smoked Scallops in French Cream with Roasted Garlic; Smoked Trout Rillette in Fresh Butter with Bitter Herbs; Smoked and Pickled Vegetable Confit; Fresh Cheese Dip; Lardo with Radishes and Garlic-Chili Sunflower Seeds; Solomon Gundy with Crème Fraiche and Pickled Fennel; Station Cold Brew Maple Coffee Cake with White Icing; and Strawberry Cheesecake with Shortbread Cookies.

Many of the fresh, raw ingredients used were locally sourced through the Provender marketplace, including:chicken from Yorkshire Valley Far; trout from Lovell Springs; beans from Thompson’s (Stasis); as well asfresh produce from Cookstown Greens, Mark’s Mushrooms and Grassroot Organics.

Several of the “Can-ape” boards were beautifully garnished with fresh microgreens from our friends at Cookstown Greens, complimented with fresh bread provided by Prairie Boy.

Guests also enjoyed local pairings from Rosewood WineryBeaus BeerKensington Brewing CompanyWoodhouse Brewing Company; and Sailor Jerry Rum.  Bartender Bryn Bratton Wall created the “Can Can Cocktail” specifically for the event! 

Several amazing local producers attended and contributed to the event including: Grant MacPherson of Prairie Boy and Catrina French from Cookstown Greens.

Charlotte had Chef de Cuisine Colin Moise of Beast; Andrew Dillon of 416 Snack Bar; and Justin McIntosh at her side helping to ensure a smooth and successful evening.

Guests were invited to take home a complimentary can of breakfast: Smoked Beans with Egg and Pork Hock.