Provender and Cult Yogourt: Building Tools for Local Food

In the world of food entrepreneurship a few things are incredibly important: 1) a great idea , 2) a great product and 3) the tools to help you make your business a success!

Cult Yogourt, a Montreal company offering hand-churned yogurt with 100% Quebec milk and heirloom cultures from Greece, Bulgaria and the Caspian sea, had the great idea and a great product. What they needed were the right tools to help run the business.

Adam Coape-Arnold, of Cult Yogourt, is a great example of a motivated, business savvy Montreal food entrepreneur who considers his business a ‘labour of love’ and will do everything he can to ensure it is a success! 

When looking for tools to help run his business, Adam set out to find the best possible value in terms of his time and his money. 

“I am switching my whole inventory system over to Provender. Many other sites take a cut at different places along the process. I do not want to pay $4-500 a month for a tool to help manage my business. I was thrilled when I found the platform and tools that Provender provides.

In response to one of the primary hurdles in local food systems, delivery logistics, Provender recently added a new feature to their marketplace that allows the producers to set geographic boundaries for their products based on their ability to deliver within a given area.

“Once I got the email about the new delivery zones tool I immediately went to check it out.

It is very easy to figure out how to use the system. The tools itself is quite intuitive.”

For Adam, delivery management is essential when working with a perishable product. 

“We can’t be running around the city all day. There are only two of us running this business so we need to balance time spent on production, delivery and communications.  Working about one hour outside of Montreal, we need to ensure that our days in the city are effective and efficient. With the delivery tool, I can strategically plan when and where I need to be, segmenting the city into different areas so I can manage deliveries on day to day basis.”

Cult Yogourt has received a lot of positive attention for their “well-cultured yogurt”, generating a lot of interested buyers. The diversity of interested buyers creates new demands for their delivery logistics management. 

“At Cult, we do batch processing. Provender has helped us to segment our customers and keep orders separate. We know if we have larger buyers with frequent buying needs that we can segment them for delivery on a given day. This makes it easier for us to then plan smaller batches for interested buyers that may not need a specific quantity of a particular product on a regular basis.” 

All this interest in Cult Yogourt has this two person team planning for an expansion in early 2015.  While business growth is about garnering bigger market share, it is also ensuring you are maintaining reliability and quality among your buyers. 

“When we expand to a wholesale level, the tools provided by Provender will really enable us to grow in a more coordinated way.  Our clients are happy to work with us because we have never missed an order. That is why the tools are great. They help us make sure that we never miss a sale, never miss a delivery and keeps our customers happy and coming back for more.”

Provender is very happy to be supporting the work of great, local companies like Cult Yogourt, as well as many other food entrepreneurs, farmers, artisans, foragers, fishers and continue to help more local entrepreneurs get their amazing, high quality products to buyers in their cities and beyond.

Are you a food entrepreneur? Do you have an amazing idea and product but are searching for the right tools and networks to get your products to market? 

Get in touch! We are here to help you build your business!