Pass The Table and Provender partner with Toronto chefs to offer a “Locally Sourced & Sustainable” dining experience.

With shared goals of bringing together the people that grow, harvest, prepare, cook and enjoy the food we eat, a partnership between Pass The Table and Provender is an obvious and excellent fit. 

Pass The Table aims to facilitate exceptionally tailored dining experiences that bring people closer to the restaurants that host them, the chefs that cook for them and the producers that grow their food. All of Pass The Table’s offerings are hyper-limited and 100% off-menu, meaning each experience is unique and offered only through Pass The Table. 

Provender is a community of food passionate people brought together through an on-line marketplace that allows chefs, food entrepreneurs and artisans to order fresh products directly from local producers. By limiting the number of intermediaries between producer and final consumer, the direct relationships facilitated by Provender create greater transparency in the food system, while generating greater market access and autonomy for local producers offering a diversity of seasonal, fresh, high quality products. 

Several well known and loved Toronto chefs are offering a unique “Locally Sourced and Sustainable” Pass The Table dining experience.

Tomorrow, January 9th, Executive Chef Binh An Nguyen at the Beverly Hotel will be cooking up a family-style meal featuring a 4 course tasting menu with all ingredients sourced locally through the Provender marketplace. 

Working to build relationships that foster a productive and self-sustaining food community, Pass The Table and Provender see a “Locally Sourced and Sustainable" dining experience as not only an opportunity to have a deliciously fresh meal, but also to get to know more about your local farmer, learn more about some of the fresh, Ontario-grown products available throughout the year, and to collectively celebrate our food.

What more could you possibly want from a night out? 

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