MenuPlanting: Getting Local Food on the Menu!

Local chefs and producers browse through seed catalogs

With icy winds blowing across the island of Montreal, the 2015 harvest season still seems far away. This past Monday, at Provender’s first MenuPlanting meeting, the 2015 harvest season was all people were talking about!

MenuPlanting is a Provender Farm to Fork initiative that gives producers and chefs the opportunity to collaborate on crop and menu planning, creating more direct sourcing options for a diversity of high-quality agricultural products. These conversations are central to our ongoing efforts to foster stronger relationships between local producers and chefs, creating more transparency and autonomy in the food system.

Nick, Farmer -  Ferme Red Orach

This first MenuPlanting meeting clearly demonstrated the potential for producers and chefs to inspire each with new ingredients; to share information about seasonal growing conditions and key harvest periods; and create opportunities to diversify crops in response to requests for rare or hard to find products. 

Chefs Dave Plant (Pandore), Colin Perry (Dinette Triple Crown) Brian Peters (Salmigondis) & Pamela Mauro (Spécial du Jour) listening to Johanne from Les Tomates de Fardoche. 

We are greatly inspired by the conversations that took place and are actively planning the ‘next steps’ in preparation for the 2015 growing season! 

A special thanks to everyone that made it out to this first meeting: Nick Kuepfer, Ferme Red Orach; Johanne et Yves, Les tomates de Fardoche; Brian Peters, Salmigondis; Guillaume Cantin, Les 400 coups; Dave Plant, Pandore; Colin Perry, Dinette Triple Crown; Tania Jimenes, Centrale Culinaire; and Marc-Antoine Dionne, Toque. 

Special thanks to Pamela from Spécial du Jour for hosting the meetup and making delicious food!