Manitoba Restaurant, Gaspésie Sauvage and Provender invite you for “One Wild Night”!

Manitoba Restaurant, Gaspésie Sauvage and Provender invite you to “One Wild Night”, an evening featuring a variety of delicious, wild and foraged foods from Québec.

Chefs Chris Parasiukm, of Manitoba Restaurant, and John Winter Russell offer a unique 5-course menu featuring wild products harvest by Gérard Mathar, Catherine Jacob and their team from Gaspésie Sauvage.

Gaspésie Sauvage is a community of “true Artisans” offering wild products coming from their land in the Gaspésie, Quebec. Their products are all quality, hand-crafted with a personal touch, with a focus on small-scale production to maintain optimal control over every aspect of their work.

“We do not live from the Earth, we live with the Earth”

We could not think of a better way to celebrate the partnership between Provender and Gaspésie Sauvage than to highlight their wild products through a collective dining experience at one of our favourite wild and foraged passionate restaurants, Manitoba.

“We wanted a taste of the forest in our plates, a taste of nature in our glasses, wood, rock, wind. But overall, we wanted to share in the simplicity of eating well, drinking well and having a good laugh together.”

This is “One Wild Night” not to be missed!

Join us on Wednesday, May 13th for this unique dining experience.

Gérard Mathar from Gaspésie Sauvage will be present to talk to guests about his wild and foraged products and his passion for living from the land.

We look forward to sharing this “wildly unique” experience with you!

To reserve your place for this event please contact Manitoba directly at 514-270-8000.