Cinema Politica & Provender Present The Documentary: The Family Farm

With shared goals to inform, engage and educate in order to promote social change, Provender, Rotating Planet Productions and Cinema Politica have teamed up to present the documentary The Family Farm,written and directed by Ari A. Cohen, with an opening short doc 3 Acres in Detroit, Directed by Nora Mandray.

The Family Farm explores the farm to table process through the lens of Canadian small farmers and identifies the systematic barriers they face in running a profitable farm. In its journey across the country, the film blends extraordinary shots of the Canadian farm landscape with discussions of the challenges and setbacks small farmers endure, as well as the turning points and breakthroughs that have allowed them to achieve success. As these intimate accounts are shared, traditional images of family farmers are redefined as we grow to see these individuals not only as farmers, but as teachers, botanists, and mechanics who open our eyes to the issues that continue to threaten small farmers as well as the importance of buying local and organic foods. 

3 Acres in Detroit is a strikingly beautiful portrait that looks at two unlikely characters, Donnie and Fred, as they endeavour to turn one of Detroit’s many abandoned properties into a three-level greenhouse. Armed with hand tools and relentless spirits, they plant the seeds of change in an effort to take back Detroit.

Provender is a community of food passionate people brought together through an on-line marketplace that allows chefs, food entrepreneurs and artisans to order fresh products directly from local producers, foragers and fisherman. The direct connections fostered by Provender create greater transparency in the food system while generating greater market access and autonomy for local producers.

Through this co-presentation, Provender and Rotating Pictures Productions aim to further discussion around the challenges and opportunities faced in our local food system, including the pressing need to understand the choices we are making about our food. This event highlights the vital role family farms play in maintaining food security and promoting environmental stewardship while ensuring the well-being and survival of local communities across Canada. 

Twin Creeks Farm, Owen Sounds, ON

Provender hopes to highlight the farm to fork movement as part of the solution to correct a growing disconnect between producers and consumers, ourselves from our food.

The screening takes place February 16th at 7pmConcordia University, Pavillion Henry F.Hall, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd W, Montreal. This screening is free of charge with donations accepted.

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