Eat Local in Winter Event Montreal

On Monday March 11, 2015, Provender hosted “Eat Local in Winter” at Dinette Triple Crown. The evening featured amazing local food, cooked by two highly praised Montreal chefs: Colin Perry, of Dinette Triple Crown, and John Winter Russell, formerly at Restaurant Van Horne and the man behind several collaborative pop-up events with chefs Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem at Laloux, and Denis Vukmirovic and Étienne Huot at La Récolte, Espace Local.

It was a night to celebrate incredible, fresh, local food in the company of the fantastic people around the table. This “family style” four-course meal, hosted in the Dinette Triple Crown dining room, gave guests a chance to learn more about each other, about the local producers highlighted on the menu and to celebrate food through the joy of eating! 

Our goal was to raise awareness about the potential of eating local year round, even in the coldest months of winter. All products on the menu were sourced directly from producers in Quebec and Ontario, representing a diversity of the local products available throughout the winter months. We had the pleasure of connecting two of our amazing producers, Carole and Christian from la Ferme Freddy Lefevbre / Porc de Beaurivage near Quebec city, with members of the Montreal community. Carole and Christian are incredibly proud to have had their products featured on the evenings menu. Their pork was perfectly prepared by the talented chefs, fully representing the quality of this amazing product. 

 Carole and Christian from Porc de Beaurivage

Carole and Christian from Porc de Beaurivage

The Eat Local events aim to promote greater public awareness and understanding of the origins of our food; promote the diversity and vibrancy our of local food systems; and to uphold the importance of empowering farmers by returning them to a place of primacy in our food system. 

We look forward to creating greater access to more amazing products and to continue to help the stories behind our food. 

Keep an eye out for more Eat Local events happening in your community SOON!

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