Adventures in Gaspésie

This past weekend, we were thrilled to have had the chance to visit Gaspésie, connect with farmers and fishermen, and participate in La Tournée Des Entrepreneurs, an initiative to promote local entrepreneurship and connections between Montreal and different regions in Québec.


Bringing producers to the table to talk about the challenges and opportunities in local food was a completely transformative experience.  At Provender, we think about every day how we can connect the incredible work that producers do to buyers that celebrate and champion their work, be that a restaurants, grocers or caterers.  The products and artisans we found in Gaspésie were incredible- passion, dedication and comprehensive knowledge of the ways to create terroir-driven ingredients with substance and character.  The entrepreneurs we met were amazingly sophisticated in their approach to markets, and were all thrilled to be building bridges with Montrealers who care deeply about good food.  


Our visit culminated in the tour we took of Gérard’s farm and forest.  Gaspésie Sauvage is one of the leaders in creative and innovative ingredients- a producer who is not interested in simply growing what his contemporaries grow, but to use the natural abundance all around him to create new flavours and new ingredients.  

This visit marked the beginning of a bridge between our two regions, and we’re excited to welcome new producers and new opportunities into Provender.  We can’t wait to see Gaspésie take its place as a leader in our Québec market, and to see our buyers being inspired by the bounty of this region.