Corner Stalk Farm & The Leafy Green Machines

In the holiday spirit, on the 9th December 2015 we'll be donning our elf hats and handing out 20 half bushel cases of Connie & Shawn's fine lettuces to our amazing restaurants in Boston! Interested? Send us an email and let us know! 

Connie & Shawn Cooney at Corner Stalk Farm run a tight shipping container! A meticulously controlled environment can produces lettuces regardless of season. Mindful tinkering allows for relentless efficiency: Corner Stalk can produce 250,000 heads of lettuce a year at 20 plants per square foot (a significant increase from traditional agricultures 1.75).

From Black Hawk and Cherokee Crisp to Refugio and Rhazes Bibb, Connie & Shawn will provide you with a carefully curated mix of five to eight lettuces dependent on what is ready to be harvested. Local lettuce means increased shelf life! No more trucking and warehousing digging into the freshness of your leaves: Corner Stalk Lettuces are harvested day of delivery with their roots intact giving you almost 2 weeks of delicious, crisp, salad greens.