The Urban Acorn Market

Written by Chef Charlotte

These beauties have opened the second branch of the business!

Having met Marie and Chef Daniel not long ago, I could tell from our quick exchange that they had plans in mind. Diligence, hard work and extreme talent has blossomed a catering business into a whole other joint venture:

The Urban Acorn Market

Softly opened only 3 weeks ago, this small batch local, vegan, gluten free and flexitarian shop is already generating demand and interest in its 1565 Dupont street location in TorontoThe local clients are engaged and currently showing love for the local!

Apples, pears, the last of the seasons berries as well as the local in house brands that are prepared lovingly by Chef Daniel. They have brought in a few other chefs as well to do some grab and go value added products.

The basic concepts on ethical eating have evolved with the shop opening and have allowed both Daniel and Marie to collaborate with the community more so than they thought possible. Working closely with Provender and a few other like minded partners, they are able to incorporate a community and network that guarantees true farm to fork.


A little about Daniel and Marie

 They had there first date at the AGO and while they were strolling around and talking they found themselves engaging in great conversation by the 

Feeling an intimate relationship to the tender piece, they both shared pieces of there past and found they had a lot in common with there history. The couple found themselves falling for each other after the 2nd date. Daniel cooked for Marie and she was blown away by the care and quality of the food he made for her. He made leftovers: Beef tenderloin with pear latkes and a black peppercorn mushroom glaze. Marie was definitely interested... The collaboration started there and Marie did a target market project on Chef Daniel Holloway's' private chef business. They started with working on juices and ciders for Lit and than met a few clients that were able to facilitate the growth they were looking for.

Urban Acorn Catering was born and it has been flourishing ever since.

Supper clubs, there 20th in under 3 years! has also been a huge success.

The birth of Urban Acorn Market gives this lovely couple just enough time to settle in before they get married early next year.

All the best!

The Provender family