"Better food systems through technology"


Provender began in 2013 with a conversation with farmers in both the US and Canada about how to create a stronger connection with buyers.  Our team had spent many years thinking about the ways that the food system could be improved through innovation, and in the Spring of 2013, backed by some curious and passionate growers and buyers, we set out to test the foundation of what became Provender.  Through that summer we helped create a system that connected buyers and sellers through an online portal, and after seeing the community of members who grew up around that simple site, we began to build and expand the tool to help our “farmteam” grow their businesses.

From the first moments of Provender, we were inspired by what extent amazing businesses in the food system were searching for tools to help create a better path from farm to fork.  The foundations of Provender were created as a marketplace for veggie farmers and restaurant chefs, but soon welcomed fisherman, foragers, artisans, universities, food trucks, communal kitchens and even a startup or two into our community.

As we grew the scope of our market, we also launched into new communities in the US and Canada, and helped trade unique products our of the strict local marketplaces we started by creating.  As our business grows, we keep the values of transparency, diversity and community at the heart of any new geography, and wake up every day excited to grow the food system through technology.



The Provender Founders


Caithrin Rintoul 

Jeff Aldrich 


The Provender Family

Vaibhav Pandey
VP Operations

Yanis Choudar
Market Manager

Gabrielle Benabdallah

Thibault Renouf
General Manager 


Trisha Sutton

Kyra Kristof
Co-Founder (Emeritus)

Emanuel Pinochet
Community Manager

Adam Zeif
Community Manager

Courtney Quinn

Tess Kuramoto
Designer & VP Vibes

Jay Henderson
Director of Operations

Rudhra Raveendran
Software Developer

Reid Witzel
Technical Liaison

David Moosman
Director of Operations

Tim Rickard


What it's like to work at Provender

Farm to Fork 

Provender is a mission driven organization- passion for food systems runs deep on every single member of our team.

We believe that technology is the key to unlocking the next generation of successful food businesses, and that our work as an interface layer for agriculture is the first step in fulfilling that vision.

Careers at Provender, from our Rails engineers to our content creators, start with a shared mission to change food systems for the better.  

Our culture is driven by the values of our users- autonomy, dedication to accomplishing a task, and celebration of milestones with a big feast.  As we evolve as an organization, we're humbled by the diligent work ethic of our community- no one works harder than farmers, but we aspire to meet that goal.

We're hiring for both Canadian and US roles- if you want to wake up every morning and change the food system for the better, get in touch.